About Us

The Stocks-in-Depth investment podcast is provided by GARP Research, a provider of institutional equity research reports since 1995.  GARP is renown for the granularity of its models and extensive written assessments of competitive threats and vulnerabilities.  GARP’s investment philosophy is predicated on discovering opportunity through fundamental assessment via intensive modelling, having a wide ranging curiosity about strategic influences, and engaging in person-to-person contact.   GARP looks for long-term growth, but it is cognizant of finding value in contrarian situations and wants valuation to be reasonable relative to potential earnings.  Institutional money managers listening to this stock podcast can contact GARP Research for information about its written equity research.

Bill Baker, CFA is the founder of GARP Research.  Prior to then, Bill managed equity mutual funds and institutional accounts, some of which received Morningstar 5-star ratings.  He earned two Ivy League degrees, a BA in Economics of the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College.

GARP’s models and discussions are often predicated on deconstructing components within corporations that are not part of conventional financial reporting.  In his first post B-school experience over three decades ago, GARP’s founder Bill Baker, CFA, supervised the assembly of quarterly, annual , and strategic planning financial projections for a large geographic segment of one of the world’s largest Fortune 500 entities after several years of experience in its controller’s, treasury, and strategic planning departments.