Episode 0008: Zeltiq Aesthetics – Part 2: How does cyrolipolysis stack up against competition in non-invasive fat reduction, cellulite, and acne?

Besides having a unique technology, cyrolipolysis, Zeltiq may be able to effectively use this revolutionary platform to address needs beyond the original intention to selectively reduce fat in a non-surgical way.  In 2017, it plans to use CoolSculpting to treat grade 2 cellulite and acne.  Grade 2 cellulite affects a large portion of women, while some other devices target grades 3 or higher, which are characterized by unsightly manifestations like cottage cheese thighs.  By 2018, management hopes to introduce CoolSculpting to treat acne.  In this stock research podcast, we discuss the research of Dr. Rox Anderson of the Harvard Medical School, who delves into the history of acne treatments.  Powdered dry ice and acetone pastes were prevalent in the 1940s and 1950s, but were pushed aside by antibiotics and retinoids.  A tightly controlled approach to cyrolipolysis may improve outcomes and address worries of antibiotic resistance and fetal retinoid syndrome.  Using one platform to treat three conditions would present a unique competitive advantage to Zeltiq, should it succeed.